Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Anterior Crucient Ligament :: essays papers

Anterior Crucient Ligament The Anterior Crucient Ligament also known as the ACL is usually injured in a forceful twisting motion of the knee. It also may be injured by hyper extending the knee witch is when the femur is forcefully pushed across the tibia such as a sudden stop, while running or a sudden change in weight. The person will feel or here a sudden pop in the knee. The knee may or may not get very swollen, but the knee will be very unstable so you can not walk and it is painful especially when it is moved after the accident. The anterior crucient ligament is a band of tissue which has two major strands is in the center of the knee and it crosses the posterior crucient ligament and extends from the back of the femur to the front of the tibia . The ACL’s purpose is to give you the ability to stand and walk and prevents the tibia from moving forward. Two months after I had surgery on my meniscus, I went snowboarding and crashed into a tree. My right leg was stuck in my binding and the board twisted and I felt a sharp pain and fell to the ground, but I got up and kept going. After the season was over I went to the doctor and got an MRI scan, it showed that I had torn my ALC.

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